Part 2. DRaaS – Configuring SRM 8.1 for VMware Cloud on AWS

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This article is a continuation f the previous article of installing VR/SRM. Now that we have installed VR/SRM onprem and in VMware Cloud on AWS, it is time to configure SRM.

Go into vCenter on SDDC to create new Resource Pool, Folders, and Logical Switches to map back to onprem.

In VMC go to the Compute-ResourcePool and right click and select New Resource Pool to make a child resource pool.
I always recommend naming the new Resource Pool whatever your onprem Resource Pool name is to make mapping easier.

Next we need to go to VMs & Temples in SDDC and right click on the workload folder and select create new folder

Image result for "vmware cloud on aws" create new folder

We will call this folder Disaster Recovery
We will then right click on the Disaster Recovery folder and select create new folder
We will name this folder something that mirrors the onprem side.
If your folder structure is broken up by applications and you have a folder called “APP-A,” then i’d recommend naming the SDDC folder “APP-A.”

Next we need to go to Global Inventory List for NSX-V to create new Logical switches. Select the Green +Add icon. We will need to give the new LS a name, CIDR Block, and Default Gateway.

Now it is time to log into our SRM Console and go to the left plane to begin our mapping process.

On the left side of the screen we will go to Network Mappings to map our onprem switch to our VMC LS
We will select +New and enter in our new VMC LS information and select the onprem network we want it mapped to. On the next screen we will select reverse mapping in order to have the mappings be bi-directional

Next we will go to Folder Mappings to map the onprem folders to the VMC folders for placeholder placement.
Select new and select the onprem folder with the VMC folder created and check the box for reverse mappings

Next we move onto resource mapping where we will map the resource pool utilized by the VMs we want to replicate to a mirrored resource Pool in VMC
Once again we select +New and select the onprem resource pool and the VMC resource pool and check the box for reverse mapping.

Now we have our onprem and SDDC environments mapped to one another. Next in the process we will cover creating Protection Groups, Replications, and Recovery Plans.

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