Deploying NAT Services on NSX-T

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There may be instances when you want to leverage NSX-T for NAT services and not an external NAT services. Thanks to the simplified management of NSX-T deploying these services is easy.

Source NAT (SNAT): translates a source IP address of outbound packets so that packets appears as originating from a different network

Destination NAT (DNAT): translates the destination IP address of inbound packets so that packets are delivered to a target address into another network

Let’s get to the install:
Networking>Tier-1 Gateways>Add Tier-1 Gateway

Give it a name – I recommend putting NAT in the name

Assign it to a T0 router

Put it into an existing Edge of your desire

  • Under route advertisement
    • All static routes
    • All connected segments & service ports
    • All NAT Ips

Then save & confirm NAT router is up

Create a segment that connects to the NAT network

  • Give a name
  • Select the NAT router
  • Keep flexible
  • Select an overlay network for transport zone
  • Set subnets>add subnets


Finally you will want to set up the NAT rules that will applied to the new NAT Router.

The new feature of configuring NAT services is simple and easy to setup. As the feature set continues to grow with 2.4 it won’t be long until NSX-T can run it’s own eco system.

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