How to RASR Reset VxRail 4.7 Node

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There may be instances where you Need to factory reset a VxRail node. IE you are creating a new cluster, a fresh install is failing, or because you feel like it 🙂 Here is an easy step by step guide on how to RASR reset a VxRail host.
*Please remember you are going to be taking the host back to factory reset. Do not perform a RASR reset unless it is needed.
**Make sure the RASR image you have is of the desired code level.

Post RASR Issue Fix:

High Level Steps:

  1. Restart the server
  2. Boot to BOOT Manager by pressing F11
  3. Choose One time Boot Option
  4. Choose IDSDM from the SD card
  5. The RASR application will load
  6. Press 1 to reset to factory settings
  7. Press Y to agree
  8. The application will reinitialize the system
  9. Press N to skip returning to the main menu
  10. Press Y to reboot the machine and complete the installation

Step by Step Process:

Reset with warm boot


One-Shot UEFI boot menu

Internal SD

Select 1

Select Y

Select Y

This reboot process takes 30-45 minutes so please be patient.

Unless you need to update the RASR image the factory reset is an easy straight forward process. If you are using this tool to build a new cluster from an existing one and the RASR image isn’t too the level you require. I recommend performing the factory reset to all the hosts, build the new cluster, then upgrade the cluster to the desired code level. It is a much quicker process. I hope you find these steps and screenshots useful.

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