NSX-T – Deploying Tier-0 (T0) Router

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One of the things I like about NSX-T is the ability to deploy Tier-1 and Tier-0 routers. The T0 is the gateway that bridges the virtual world to the physical world.

Below you will find a screenshot of the logical architecture followed by a step by step process to deploy a T0 router in your NSX-T environment.

Screenshot of the architecture and where the Tier-0 router sits:

Networking>Tier-0 Gateways.
Add Tier-0 Gateway

We need to provide the T0 router a name and HA mode.

Select which Edge Cluster you have already created
Next, select set next Route Re-Distribution
For the sake of T0 deployment, Static Routes is typically enough. Advertised T1 subnets are for your segments you are attaching.
Select Set next to Interfaces
Add interface
You need to provide the interface a name, IP, and select which edge node
You are going to want to enter in your AS and keep everything default before clicking on next for BGP Neighbors

Once you have saved your BGP Neighbors information you are good to save changes on your T0 router.

I know a lot of people hear deploying a Tier-0 router and making a BGP connection with the external network sounds scary but as you can see it is easy. Next we will need to connect our Tier-1 routers up to our newly created Tier-0 router.

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