VxRail Composite Bundle taking abnormal amount of time to upload fix

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In the last couple of weeks I have had to perform a few VxRail upgrades to particular code levels. As many of you know this requires downloading the particular code bundle IE 4.5.229 and performing a local upgrade.

However, on two separate clusters in two separate datacenters I noticed that the bundle upload was taking hours just to go up a few percentage points. Below you with find the steps I took that resolved this issue and the composite file uploaded quickly and the upgrades got underway smoothly.

Three steps I applied that worked:
1. vMotion the VxRail Manager to another ESXi host in the cluster
2. If the above fails to work then reboot the VxRail Manager (This fixed cluster one)
3. If the above fails, while the componsite bundle uploading, reboot each ESXi host one at a time (This fixed cluster 2)

This recent issue is a new experience for me as I have never seen before. After some old school troubleshooting while waiting for support to call me 4 hours later, I decided to try and fix the issue myself. I hope this helps any other old school troubleshooters out there that get tired of waiting for support to call them back.

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