Coffee is a necessity but the right coffee makes all the difference – My review of Fit Fuel from Black Rifle Coffee

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There are plenty of articles out there on the benefit of drinking black coffee. I have noticed that drinking coffee (in moderation) can have a short term rise in my metabolism as well as increase energy so I feel less tired. I know this sounds crazy but I even feel like it gives me more endurance during my lifts if I consume coffee prior to my workout.

Black Rifle Company
A long while back I was getting tired of all the commercial coffees out there like Starbucks and Dunkin. I was searching for something more but also a coffee company that I felt I could back since all the other major brands were getting political. That is when I came across the veteran owned Black Rifle Company and found their coffees to both taste great but give that jolt to the system I needed. Furthermore, they began a coffee club that also gave me discounts with their partners. All in all it has been an enjoyable experience with Black Rifle and I will continue the coffee club membership long into the future.

Product review.
Black Rifle Coffee Fit Fuel

I am bias when it comes to Black Rifle not only because they are a veteran owned company but because there are very few of their coffee options I am not a fan of but I normally buy two bags as part of their coffee club. Fit fuel for my pre-workout coffee and another for my later in the day pick me up.

I like fit fuel prior to a workout because I really feel the caffeine without the jittery feeling I get from pre-workouts. If you are the type that needs sugar and creamer in your coffee then I recommend trying something else because it sugar/cream negatively impacts your diet. However, if you like a good kick with a rich flavor then this is the coffee for you.

I am a coffee lover and coffee is a need in my life. Ever since I cut out sodas and pre-workouts (have the itchy feeling on my skin) I have noticed great results. However, I still need that kick to the system and Fit Fuel is that kick I need.

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