Microsoft AZ-900 Azure Fundamentals Exam

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I just completed my AZ-900 exam with a score of 876. I thought I would put together my own guide of how I approached studying for the exam. I hope y’all find this information useful.

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A good buddy Nathan Bennett asked me for my study technique I used:
1. Mind maps – start with Azure at the core and build out a web and use different color markers to reflect which dots are associated with other dots, which dots are dependent on other dots, and finally what are stand alone products.
2. Index cards for memorizing definitions, dependencies, and maximums/minimums. Also, flip the cards over and study them backwards.
3. I reach out to or develop my network of Azure people and engage in a wide variety of conversations re-enforcing what I have learned.
4. Where it makes sense, whiteboard the architecture.
5. Study with ear plugs in and wear the ear plugs while taking the exam
6. After reading the guides for the third time I read the guides backwards on the fourth time that way the brain is programmed to know what is coming next – it helps spot things you missed on the first three passes.

My Lessons learned from exam:
1. Slow down and understand what the question is asking. The wording can be a little “funny,” therefore, understanding from what perspective the question is being asked is critical.
2. Understand all the different support models and what services make up each offering. Microsoft really wants you to understand all the different ways Microsoft can support your Azure environment.
3. Understand the different impact NSG have vs Azure Firewalls.
4. Know the difference between PaaS, IaaS, and SaaS. Plus, know which services are supported under each model.
5. Learn all the ways to troubleshoot issues and which logs to review for varying events.
6. Know all the different places and required tools to create resources like VMs in Azure.
7. Study the difference between OpEx and CapEx.
8. Understand all Core Services and what they support and which applications benefit the most from which. I know this sounds as easy as word association and for the most part it is but you’ll get a couple questions that will make you think.
9. Know the different between private/public preview and GA.
10. Azure Active Directory may be an important service to know.
11. Know the difference between Availability sets, Availability Zones, and Fault Tolerance
12. Understand the different security services and which protects against what.
13. Understanding Azure Policies and how to use them vs other options is also important.
14. This one is important, know all the different types of resources you are charged for and which you are not charged for.

The AZ-900 covers a broad amount of data and can feel overwhelming at first. However, I am a huge fan of Azure, which helped inspire me to push through on long days. I hope this article helps in your own preparation for the exam.

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