ESXCLI to Check & Change Time on VMWare ESXi Host

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I haven’t had to change the time on a VMWare ESXi server in a while but the opportunity presented itself today. I thought I would publish this quick article as a refresher.

Check current date and time:

Base Syntax

#esxcli system time set
-H for Hour
-m for Minute
-M for Month
-s for Second
-y for Year

If I wanted to change the time to today’s UTC time and date 0930 April 10th 2020
#esxcli system time set -d 10 -M 4 -y 2020 -H 9 -m 30 -s 0

As you can see changing the time on a ESXi host is pretty simple. As always, I hope y’all found this article useful.

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