Upgrade VMware vCenter 7.0 to 7.0.0 d

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The time came to upgrade my 7.0.0c vCenter to 7.0.0d.  I thought I would map out the steps taken to perform the upgrade.

Please Remember:
Go to the following URL to confirm version number you need for 7.0 d

Go to the following URL to confirm all other products are compatible with U3:

Once you confirm you won’t break anything with the above URLs I recommend any of the three ways below to backup your vCenter.  Personally, I know it is overkill but I perform all three because you can never be too cautious. 

  1. Backup
  2. Clone the vCenter VCSA
  3. Snapshot

Step by Step Process

Step 1. Log into the VAMI

Log into the browser of your choice and type: https://FQDNorIPofvCenter:5480

Log in as root

Verify the health of your existing VCSA

Check for the latest update and you can choose STAGE ONLY and perform the upgrade later or select STAGE AND INSTALL if you are performing the upgrade now

Select I accept the terms of the license agreement > NEXT

Running pre-update checks will run and hopefully no issues arise

I like that that it gives you an Estimated downtime to vCenter Server

Select I have backed up vCenter Server and its associated databases > FINISH

Installation in progress – be prepared for this to take a while

Installation succeeded – Installation complete > close

As you can see there are no updates showing you’re on the latest

Go back to the Summary tab and confirm you are at the desired code level – Version: Build number: 16749653

As you can see in-place upgrades are relatively easy to do.  I hope everyone has non-disruptive upgrades and everything goes smoothly.  As always, I hope this article was helpful.

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