Deploy VMware Datacenter, Cluster, & Hosts 7.0 Quickstart

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Now that I have my new 7.0 vCenter stood up in my solution center I figured it was time to add in the datacenter and my management cluster.  Since I’m playing around in 7.0 I thought I would give the cluster quickstart method a try.

Step by step process

Right click on the vCenter name > New Datacenter

Put in the name of the Datacenter – I normally put the state or the name of the colo location

Right click your new Datacenter > New Cluster

Provide the cluster a name and you can enable vSphere DRS, vSphere HA, or even pre-select this cluster for vSAN

If the hosts you are adding are already on 7.0 you can select Manage all hosts in the cluster with a single image

With this option, all hosts in a cluster inherit the same image, thus removing variability between hosts. It also brings more features like hardware compatibility checking, cluster-wide remediation and easier upgrades.

  • Requires hosts to already be running ESXi 7.0 or above
  • Replaces baselines. Once enabled, baselines cannot be used in this cluster

With the new Cluster quickstart, I like to take advantage and click add under 2. Add hosts

This is where you supply the IP or FQDN of the ESXi hosts, username, and password and click next

Clear any warnings that may come up and then click NEXT

Confirm your hosts are good and click finish

Under 3. Configure cluster > CONFIGURE

This is where you setup your distributed switch

Time to select your first uplink port and physical adapter

Select the associated VLAN and Protocol and IP type > NEXT

In this next section you get to choose all the advanced feature options > NEXT

The awesome summary page > FINISH

Now comes patience while the cluster is having it’s network and advanced options configured

I do like the Nice work! Your cluster is now successfully configured and ready to run workloads. In the future you can add more hosts to your cluster by doing Step 2: Add Hosts again.

As you can see the new quickstart feature allows setting up a new cluster in 7.0 to be a piece of cake.  Now you have the option to go in and add other networks to your new virtual distributed switch or play with setting and features.  As always, I hope y’all found this useful.

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