How to create a new EC2 instances in AWS

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As I am creating some vanilla how to articles, I thought it was time to perform a quick how to create a new instance.  Please find the walkthrough below.

EC2 > Dashboard > Launch Instance

Now we must choose an AMI – this is the software that will be launched on the server

Now we must choose the type IE how much vCPU and Memory you need

The above are all the advanced features but if you don’t need them or need to put this instance in a particular AZ then you can move onto storage

This is where you can modify the storage on your first disk on the instance

Here is where you can apply tags to associate the instances with your companies resources, projects, apps, etc.

Think of security groups as a firewall around your instance.

If everything looks right to you then click Launch

We need to create or import a key pair to allow us to log into the new instance via SSH

When complete click Launch instances

On the next page you can click view instances and it will show you your instances information and hopefully in a running state

Spinning up new EC2 instances is not meant to be difficult.  Obviously, this is a quick way if you are only spinning up a single instance.  There are more automated approaches if spinning up a dozen.  As always, I hope y’all found this useful.

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