Configuring Global Managers and Local Managers in VMware NSX-T Federation

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In this article I will cover setting up your first two Global Managers and adding the local managers from your sites.

Log into the newly deployed Global Manager

System > Configuration > location Manager

Make Active

Provide the name of your Global Manager

Confirm the GM is active

SSH into the Global Manager

Run the #get certificate api thumbprint

Store this output somewhere

Repeat this for your NSX-T Global Manager in location 1 and location 2

Now it is time to deploy the standby Global Manager

Add standby

Enter the name of the new GM

Provide the FQDN of the standby GM

Admin username

Copy the standby site NSX-T GM thumbprint here

Then check compatibility

Confirm the managers

Next we need to add the onprem location for the first site – my example Dallas

Enter the name for the first site local manager

Provide the FQDN for the NSX-T manager for location 1

Copy the thumbprint for location 1 NSX-T manager

Click check compatibility

Ignore this error as it will go away when the LM syncs with the GM – takes around 5-15 minutes

Rinse and repeat to add in your second location – my example is FortWorth

Next we need to import objects to the GM

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