Upgrade vCenter with external PSC to 6.5 U2b

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In my previous article I showed everyone how to install the latest vCenter 6.5 U2d. Now I will show how to upgrade your existing vCenter to 6.5 U2b and why created new vCenter’s with embedded Platform Services Controllers will make upgrades even easier.

Before we begin, always remember to take a snapshot before upgrading any VM/Appliance in your environment.

Let’s begin with upgrading the PSC FIRST:
First you will want to log into your PSC https://PSC_FQDN-IP:5480
Now you will want to navigate to Update on the left pane and either check for updates online or select the ISO you mounted to the PSC. In my example I will be installing from CDROM updates from a mounted ISO.

If you used the ISO method as I did, please remember to unmount your ISO from the PSC following it’s reboot.

Next step is to upgrade your vCenter. Let’s log into the vCenter console https://VCA_FQDN or IP:5480

Don’t forget to unmount the ISO from your VCSA.
Log back into your web console and confirm you are at the right code level.

As you can see even though it is a simple process for upgrading an external PSC and your VCSA, it adds an extra step. Please remember that VMware will be deappreciating the external PSC so please embed your PSC as soon as your upgrade to 6.7 U1.

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