NSX-T – Deploying Tier-1 (T1) Router

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A Tier-1 Gateway can span multiple ESXi and KVM hosts.  A Distributed Router can provide local routing between different segments on a host. A DR also provides distributed east-west routing functionality across hosts.

Things to know about a T1:

  • T1 uplinks to a T0 router
  • T1 has down links to segments
  • Owned and config by the tenant
  • Doesn’t require or use dynamic protocols
  • Doesn’t support ECMP & must connect to the T0 Gateway
  • Offers default gateway services to local logical networks (East-West)
  • Provides logical switch interconnection and separation
  • Requires an NSX Edge node only if services are used

Step.1 – Create a new T1 Gateway

Networking>Tier-1 Gateways>Add Tier-1 Gateway

Provide a name (I recommend whatever the Gateway is supporting, I.E Non-Production QA) & click save


Ensure “All Static Routes” “All Connected Segments & Service Ports” are select.
Then Save, Then Close

As you can see deploying a new T1 is simple and easy unless you are trying to push services down. Remember in my previous article I showed how to edit a T1 and connect it to a T0 router. I know what you are about to ask, where are the segments? That will be covered in my next blog on creating segments and tying them to a T1.

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