How to Install NSX-T (Part 2) – Deploy Compute Manger

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As this journey continues the next step in deploying NSX-T 2.4 after deploying your first Manager is to add a new compute manager.  This article will be a quick one because it is a quick and easy process.  Woohoo!

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Heads up:
This is where having all the required ports open are critical.  Should the below fail then get with your network team and make sure all the required ports are open from the previous article.

You may run into unusual errors during this process. Do not go into troubleshooting mode but be patient as most errors clear with time. In addition, should the repository fail to sync, just keep re-attempting until it works.

First step:
Go to System>Fabrics>Compute Managers>ADD

Need to add Compute Manager IE vCenter

  • Name: Give it the name of your vCenter
  • Description: Helps if you have more than one compute manager
  • Domain Name/IP Address: I recommend putting in the FQDN
  • Tyoe: vCenter
  • Username: administrator@vsphere.local
  • Password: Your password
  • SHA-256 Thumbprint: Optional

The command to get the SHA-256 can be found at:

#openssl x509 -in /etc/vmware-vpx/ssl/rui.crt -fingerprint -sha1 -noout

Whether you enter your SHA-256 or not you’ll get a Warning: Thumbprint is missing.  Just click add and move on.

Finally, wait for the status to go up and registered and you’re done.

Like I said, quick and easy but if you don’t have all the required ports open it will take a while.  I hope you found this article useful.


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