How to Install NSX-T (Part 3) Deploying 2nd/3rd NSX Manager.

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At this point in my journey, we have our first NSX Manager deployed and verified. Along with the compute manager created. Next comes deploying the 2nd & 3rd Managers and form them into a cluster.  Luckily, I like how NSX-T keeps getting easier so we’ll deploy this cluster from the UI instead of manually deploying an OVA.

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Side Note:
You may encounter errors that will pass in time.  Keep in mind each NSX Manager takes 15-30 minutes to deploy.  UI errors are common and never refresh the browser screen, always go to the bottom of the page and refresh from NSX Manager. Finally, please learn from my lesson, deploy one NSX Manager at a time!

Let the fun begin:

System>Overview>Add Nodes

Compute Manager: Your vCenter
Enable SSH: Yes
Enable Root Access: Yes
Put in your same passwords as before.
Enter DNS.
Select the Form Factor: keep it the same as the last Manager

Name: I recommend whatever you named NSX Manager 01 but change the numerical to 02
Cluster: Select the same cluster as NSX Manager 01 is deployed. Hopefully, a dedicated management cluster
Datastore: Same datastore as NSX Manager 01
Network: Same Management Network as NSX Manager 01 is deployed
Management IP/Netmask: xx.xx.xx.xx/24
Management Gateway: xx.xx.xx.1

Should eventually look like below:
Cluster Connectivity: UP
Repository Status: Sync Completed

****Wait for 10-15 minutes for the deployment, cluster formation, and repository synchronization to complete.
**Just because NSX Manager is up and you can SSH in does not mean it is done deploying. Give it 10-15 minutes, please.
***All the repository details and the password of the first deployed NSX Manager node are synchronized with the newly deployed nodes in the cluster.

After the NSX Manager boots, log into the CLI as admin and run the following command:
#get interface eth0
–verify NSX Manager deployed correct IP

Run the following command:
#get services
–verify that all the services are running
**if all the services aren’t running yet, wait 5 minutes, then re-run the command

Log in to the first deployed NSX Manager and enter the following command:
#get cluster status
–verify that the nodes are successfully added to the cluster.

Network validation checks to perform:
Ping NSX Manager 02 from NSX Manager 01
Ping NSX Manager 02 default gateway from NSX Manager
Ping host your NSX Manager 02is living on from NSX Manager
Ping the associated vCenter from your NSX Manager 02
Ping DNS Server from your NSX Manager 02
Ping VM on your network from NSX Manager 02
Ping NSX Manager 02 from another VM on your network

Next step:
Repeat the above steps for NSX Manager 03.

All three NSX Managers should be deployed, UP, and Repository synced.

Finally, we need to assign the VIP

Put in your IP and click save

We have now deployed our NSX Managers and they have formed a cluster.  You can see all three Managers in your vCenter.  Remember, patience is key when deploying the NSX Manager Cluster. I hope y’all found this helpful.  Next will come deploying Transport Nodes.

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