Unable to log into vCenter 6.7 U3 Appliance

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Recently, I upgraded my vCenter to 6.7 U3 and afterwards I wasn’t able to into my vCenter appliance via SSH and more surprisingly I wasn’t able to log into the VAMI.

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Machine generated alternative text:
PUTTY Fatal Error 
Network error: Connection refused
Machine generated alternative text:
This site can't be reached 
The connection was reset. 
Checking the connection 
• Checking the proxy and the firewall 
Running Windows NeNvork Diagnostics 

Reboot of the vCenter Appliance

I was able to log into the VAMI
I went to Access > Edit > enable SSH
I was then able to putty into the vCenter Appliance

Took a while troubleshooting and looking through documentation and google. I finally got frustrated and rebooted the appliance to see if it would fix the issue and bingo. I hope this helps anyone else who runs into the same issue.

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