An IT guys weight loss Journey from 240lbs to 184.4lbs

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I always said if I were to start blogging it would be with the intent to help others. I began this blog as a tech blog related to solutions I work with daily. However, in 2019 I battled some health issues that caused me to weigh 240 pounds as far back as March. Since then my health has improved and I have been able to lose some weight while getting back to old training habits. This has prompted many direct messages on twitter from other IT guys asking me for tips and advice. As a result, I have been asked to start blogging about my health journey to help others on a similar path.
***I am not a medical professional and everything I blog about has helped me personally and may not work for everyone. Please consult doctors and specialists before attempting any training program.

My stats in the beginning:
40 inch waist
31.2% body fat

My stats today:
30 inch waist
20.6% body fat

Last October I was presented with health challenges that ended up being a bit of a struggle but last month I was finally given a clean bill of health. Even though my health has improved I still battle with fibromyalgia, arthritis in my neck & back, herniated discs in my neck & back, and suffer from chronic pain. Before you ask, “If you live in this much pain & discomfort, why are you working out?” The answer is simple, back in March I could no longer pick my daughter up off the ground when she would ask daddy for “Up high.” The extra weight felt like it was crushing me in my sleep and being someone who always loves being outdoors I just never had the energy/stamina to go out and be active. I would rather play with my daughter, sleep better, and be more active and in pain than to be in pain and miserable.

Due to my long term health issues I’ve had to modify exercises and routines to account for my health issues. In addition, my diet is one I’ve eaten since I was a child and works for me. Also, I get bodywork every other week if not weekly to speed recovery, improve mobility, and help with muscle tightness. Finally, I’ll document all of this and more in future articles.

This past year has taken its toll and has felt like I’ve been in a hurricane. However, with all these challenges came many victories and taught me that I’m still built to handle hard times. My wife & daughter have given me all the motivation to overcome it all. I have no idea where this section of my blog will go but I just hope it either inspires or helps people.

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