My review of my shoulder brace by Dr.Arthritis

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For those of you who know me you know I am an active person. I love being outdoors, climbing cliffs, and pushing myself. Also, pull ups are a key in my training program and the pull up bar makes up the majority of my core program. Over the years I’ve worn down my right shoulder and periodically I have to deal with tendinitis in the shoulder, which can impact my quality of life. Recently, I suffered a small tear in my shoulder and it impacted my training a lot. After getting tired of being frustrated I got online and found this brace and have given it a try for the past 2 weeks.


My review:
In the past 2 weeks I have been using this brace a lot of pain has left my shoulder and my workouts are returning to normal. I am extremely happy with this purchase and would recommend this product to anyone who suffers from shoulder issues.

It works, it really works. Pain has left my shoulder in every day activities and workouts.
Quality made and the material doesn’t bother me having it against my skin.
Economical – I would’ve thought this brace would’ve been double the price I paid.

Not the easiest brace to adjust to fit your shoulder. Trial and error but you’ll eventually find your fit.
If you are active outdoors for several hours you may need to adjust because I have found it can wear into my bicep.

I believe my above review says it all but I will end with stating that I am very happy with this purchase and have noticed a real difference. I waited two weeks prior to writing this article to avoid a potential mental placebo effect.

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