How to Schedule Teams Meeting in Outlook

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This should be a quick and easy article.  Teams is becoming more prevalent in our environments and I am a huge fan of Teams.  However, I get the occasional customer and peer asking how to setup a Teams meeting in outlook.  Here is a quick article with two options.

The Teams Meeting add-in lets users schedule a Teams meeting from Outlook. The add-in is available for Outlook on Windows, Mac, web, and mobile.  You should find this plug-in inside your Outlook but if you do not reach out to your IT department to get it pushed out.

For additional Microsoft documentation:,of%20Outlook%20Options%20dialog%20box.&text=If%20the%20Teams%20Meeting%20Add,Add%2Din%20for%20Microsoft%20Office.

Option 1 – Add teams from meeting invite

Click Teams meeting on menu bar

Finished.  Now all you have to do is give it a title, invite required people, and add an agenda above the teams meeting.

Option 2 – create a Teams meeting from the start

Select New Teams Meeting

Done, now just need to invite people, give it a subject, and place your agenda in the body above the Teams meeting link.


As I said quick and easy but here are two ways to add a Teams meeting to a meeting invite. 

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