How to Set Out of Office Message in Outlook

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Believe it or not I have not had to setup an out of office message in a couple of years.  While just clicking around on rusty memory I thought this may make for a good article for those who don’t ever take PTO, like myself.

If looking for Microsoft documentation to go even deeper:

How to setup OOO in Outlook

Click File > Automatic Replies

Click the toggle for Send automatic replies – then click the box next to Only send during this time range:

Put in your window.

Click inside My Organization and put in a message

Click Outside My Organization (On) and put a professional sounding message.  It does not have to be the same message as the inside Org message.
Click ok.

This is another quick and simple article but you never know when you need to knock off some rust.  As always, I hope y’all find this useful.

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