Create ElastiCache Cluster for Redis in AWS

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As part of my back to basics on AWS, it is now time to discuss creating a ElastiCache cluster.  My primary example is creating a ElastiCache cluster to support Redis. 


Select get started now

I like this new feature in case you are an early adopter of outpost

Provide a name

I’ve selected the latest engine version

Default port

I selected a free tier node type but you can choose whatever best fits your needs

I selected number of replicas to 0 to stay within the free tier but you can pick any number you need

If you were to select a number greater than 0 you could do multi-AZ for better availability

Time to create a new subnet for this service

If doing multi-AZ you can select multiple AZs

Here is where you can get granular with your security options

I’m keeping everything default since I don’t need encryption for this demo

If you want to use Redis AUTH to control which apps can connect to Redis

I’m keeping everything else default for now.


From here you can now download your Redis tool and get to work.

As you can see spinning up a new Redis cluster in AWS is pretty straight forward.  That is assuming you know your needs and planned for single or multi-AZ.  Once again, I hope y’all found this helpful.

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