Add a new user in AWS IAM

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Whether you are setting up your first AWS environment or you are onboarding a new employee, sometimes you have to perform a quick user add to your organization.  Below you will find the quick and easy walkthrough of creating a new user.

Go to IAM > Access management > Users  add user

Provide a username and I select Programmatic access and AWS Management Console Access, especially if making a super user account

I leave console password to autogenerated since it will need to be reset at the first login

Here you have the ability to add a user to an existing group, copy the permissions from an existing user you may want to mirror or attach existing policies directly.

Obviously, you cannot have a modern infrastructure without tags so here is where you would apply tags to associate with this user

Now the review page to confirm everything you desired in creating this user

Create user

Confirmation that the user was created successfully.

On this page you can also download the credentials in a csv file.

As you can see adding a new user via IAM can be quick and painless if you already know the requirements of the user.  Especially, if you are creating your first super user.  As always, I hope y’all found this useful.

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