Creating an Azure Storage Account

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When deploying workloads in the cloud you will always need somewhere to store these objects.  Storage accounts allow a unique namespace for your data storage needs that is accessible anywhere in the world via HTTP(s).  Some benefits of storage accounts is security, scalability, and can be multiple levels of highly available.

I always recommend checking out Microsoft Document page for all the available ways to tweak your deployments.

How to deploy

First, we must create  a new resource

Search for storage account

Select the storage account service


You need to select your subscription you wish to deploy in

Then you need to create a new or select an existing resource group

The storage account name must be unique across all storage accounts across Azure

Select a location – my example is EAST US to be nearest to me

I switched my replication to LRS for cost but you have many options.

I’m currently leaving all of networking default

Azure offers many ways to protect your data.  Choose what best suits your workloads

Advanced settings.  If you are new to Azure I recommend going with the default allow blob public access but for those security people out there disabling may be a more experienced move.

Here we can tag our storage account to associate with projects, environments, or for good house keeping.

After the validation test is passed we can create

This process can take 2-5 minutes to deploy so be patient


Once your resources have been deployed just click the notification and click go to resource

As you can see, the services are now available

As you can see if you do proper planning the creation of a storage account for all your intended objects can be quick and simple.  As always, I hope y’all found this helpful.

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