Deploy VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid

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Once you have reached the welcome page you will have options

For this example we will be deploying Tanzu on a vCF environment so click deploy under vSphere

Next enter in your vCenter server name

Username/password for your admin account

Then click connect to confirm you can connect

Deploy TKG Management Cluster

Select your Data Center

Enter in your SSH Public Key

Next select your environment – for my example I am deploying in dev first

Provide the relevant information and click next

You should have already setup an advanced load balancer in NSX-T

This is where you will enter the relevant information to leverage the ALB

This is optional

Cluster label optional

Also optional

Select the pre-created VM folder you want to put to put your Tanzu VMs in

Also, select the data store they will be stored in

Finally, select your cluster or host or RP you will place the VMs on

Next we will select the identity management – showing both OIDC and LDAP

Enter your LDAP information here.

Next unless you need this option

Sure check the box and next

Review the configuration

Deploy the Mgmt. cluster

This can take 20 minutes to an hour.  More like 20-30 minutes.

Congratulations you have now successfully deployed your management cluster.

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