How to Deploy a VMware NSX-T 3.2 Tier-0 Gateway (T0 GW)

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Tier-0 Gateway (also known as Tier-0 Logical Router): interfaces with the physical network and exchange routing information with external routers via static routing or eBGP. In active-standby mode, the gateway can also provide stateful services.

The Tier-0 router performs gateway services between overlay and non-overlay hosts (for example, a physical server or the Internet router).

There can be only one Tier-0 gateway per Edge node

The SR component of the NSX-T Tier-0 Logical Router is responsible for establishing eBGP peering with the leaf switches and enabling North-South routing.

How to deploy T0 GW

First if you have not already done so we need to create an uplink segment
These segments will be used by the T0 to connect to the upstream physical router

Provide a name
select your VLAN TZ
Rinse and repeat for your second uplink

Now we move on to creating the T0 GW

Click tier-0

Must provide a name

Select your edge cluster previously created




Add interface

Provide the name of the uplink

Enter the IP and mask

Connected segments select the new uplink segment

Select an edge node previously created


When finished

Next we need to configure out BGP neighbor

Set Local AS


Add BGP neighbor

Enter IP address

Remote AS number

Source IP

Ensure both connections are in successful status




Add a name then clickset

Choose your T0 and T1 routes you want to redistribute



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