Create Stretched Networks in VMware NSX-T Federation

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First lets create Tier-1 GW to provide connectivity between Location-1 and Location 2 (Dallas/FortWorth) through RTEP

In your primary Global Manager go to Networking > Connectivity > Tier-1 Gateways

Add Tier-1 GW

Provide a name.  I recommend putting something in the name to indicate this is a stretched T1

Keep failover to Non-Preemptive

In Edges Pool Allocation Size select ROUTING

Select Primary Location LM and the RTEP Edge Cluster

Keep MODE Primary


Next select the Secondary Location LM and the Secondary site RTEP Pool

Keep mode Secondary

Under Route Advertisement enable All Static Routes and All Connected Segments & Service Ports

Click Save


Confirm Status Success

Next we will create a stretched Segment

As you can see, we can see the web segment created in FortWorth even though I am logged into Primary Global Manager in Dallas

Add Segment

Provide a segment name; once again put something to show it is stretched

Select the stretched T1 GW

Provide a CIDR for the subnet

Confirm your Locations and Transport Zones after attaching the Tier-1 GW



Log into the vCenter for your primary site and you should now see the newly created segment

Log into the vCenter for your secondary site and you should now see the newly created segment

Attach the test virtual machine to the newly created segment

Attach another test VM at your other site to the newly created segment

Perform a ping test between the two virtual machines at the two different sites

Next we will create and a stretched Tier-0 GW

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