Configuring RTEPs in VMware NSX-T Federation

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In this article I will cover creating an RTEP for Local 1 and Local 2 and validating the RTEP status.

Creating the RTEP for Location 1 – Example Dallas

System > Configuration > Location Manager > Locations > Location-1 LM (Dallas) > NETWORKING

Click CONFIGURE on the RTEP cluster you’ve already created

Select your edge node that will host the RTEP

Select the RTEP-VLAN-N-VDS from the Edge Switch

Put the VLAN for the RTEP VLAN

Select the RTEP Pool you created earlier from the IP Pool for all Nodes


Wait for the successfully completed message

Now we must create the RTEP for the Location-2

Go to the Location-2 LM (FortWorth example)

System > Quick Start > Configure Remote Tunnel Endpoint

Fill out the information again but for your second RTEP

Wait for successfully configured to appear

Confirm your Remote Tunnel Endpoint status is up

Next we will stretch networks

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