Install Git for Windows

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As I was discussing GitHub and repositories with some engineers looking to get their feet wet in the modern applications  it quickly became apparent that they did not know how to install git on their workstations.  Since I’m sure they are not the only ones, I thought I would write a quick article on how to get Git on your local workstation or jump host.

Step 1 – download the Git executable

Select your OS – in my quick example I’ll be deploying on a windows 2019 server

Normally auto-downloads the package you need but you can select the option you need

Go to wherever your downloadable files are stored and double click the Git-2.28.0-64-bit file

Let’s ride the wizard – you have the option to customize but if you are a beginner the defaults will serve you well in the beginning

Vim is the default text editor for Git but if you use Visual Studio Code like me then you will want to switch over to it

If you launch the git console it should look something like this

As you can imagine installing Git locally should not and is not a difficult process.  However, if you don’t know that you need it or know where to find the files it can be challenging.  Like always, I hope y’all found this article useful.

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