VMware Cloud on Dell EMC (VxRail) VMworld 2020

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Over the last four years the partnership between VMware and Dell Technologies has allowed for some incredible integrations into the Dell portfolio.  The flagship of this partnership VxRail has evolved into the new backbone infrastructure component of the modern datacenter.  That is why VMware Cloud on Dell is a huge step forward into towards the any app, any infrastructure, any cloud, with unified management & unified infrastructure vision of Dell Technologies.  Below you will find updates to the portfolio I think you will find cool.

Other VMworld 2020 announcements:

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VMware’s journey in the cloud has grown much over the years with strategic partnerships and acquisitions.  Whether you are early into your cloud operation model journey or deep in, VMware has grown their portfolio to support your business needs.  Whether you are still onprem running traditional workloads or refactoring applications for application modernization or somewhere in between, VMware has grown to support all your needs.

This is a slide I am sure you are going to see a lot at VMworld 2020 but this slide does show VMware’s vision.  VMware’s focus on a truly unified eco-system leveraging the above mentioned acquisitions and partnerships has allowed VMware to focus on both traditional and cloud native applications. 

As many of you are aware VMware Cloud on Dell 1.0 was announced at Dell Technologies World 2019, so what’s new this year?  VMC on Dell 2.0, with newer hardware and features.

The focus on VMC on Dell is the ability to bring cloud services to the onprem.  In May of 2020, Dell Technologies announced VMware Cloud on Dell EMC.  The above are the five new announcements made today at VMworld 2020.

Enhanced compliance and security to meet your regulatory policies.  The new hardware platforms, more nodes, and more clusters allow for more flexible builds.  Finally, HCX ready will help make bulk migrations from your legacy environment to your new VMC on Dell seamless.

In the last twelve months VMware and Dell have worked hard to add more security compliance certifications to the every impressive list to supply a fully secure solution.

With all great evolutions comes the ability for new hardware offering greater flexibility in deployment methods.  You now have more flexibility in hardware platforms to create clusters to best support your different workload environments.

Introducing the new 24-node rack increasing the node count. 

This allows customers to segment their environment to support different workloads.  This can be useful if you have a vendor that charges by the core for their licensing, make a three node cluster to support that single application and save on licensing costs.   

When the new rack shows up you probably already have workloads running on your existing environment.  HCX allows for an easy bulk migration to your new VMC on Dell solution.

As you can see many improvements have been made to the VMware Cloud on Dell EMC offering.  The Dell and VMware partnership is enabling the onprem cloud experience to become a reality.  Best part, if you do hybrid cloud out to VMConAWS then you are enabling seamless workload movement and endless scalability options.  Toss in VMware DRaaS to VMConAWS and you now have a DR solution that can be enabled within hours to overcome business impacting events.  As always, I hope ya’ll found this useful.

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