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At VMworld they announced the new vRealize Cloud Universal suite of products.  This new flexible licensing model merging both onprem and SaaS offerings is a smart move for VMware.  VMware is acknowledging that not everyone is 100% cloud yet and by allowing them a single license to manage both the onprem and cloud was the way to go.  Take it from someone who used to have workloads spread across multiple datacenters, across multiple countries, and across multiple cloud, you can never have enough analytics. 

One theme that is going to play out at VMworld 2020 is Kubernetes support and as you guessed it, K8s is integrated into the new vRealize suite.  The new AI Cloud brings machine learning to your workloads allowing for more intelligent data placement and infrastructure modifications.  Plus, massive improvements to the vROPs suite including near-real time data collects allowing for more granular look at your data.  Finally, K8s support inside vRealize Automation. 

Below you are going to find some highlights and overviews of some of these new features and licensing.

Other VMworld 2020 announcements:

Quick snap shot of all the updates & announcements around VMware vRealize Cloud Management suite:

Below you will see the new Cloud Management and updated On Prem service offerings below:

As you can see from above the VMware’s management portfolio has come a long way from just being an onprem solution to a truly universal offering.   This new portfolio whether onprem or a SaaS model, the new suite has services for everyone in every stage of their cloud transformation.

This evolution in this hybrid cloud management solution has the capability to meet any different outcomes and initiatives inside a company. 

The New vRealize Cloud Universal

The Cloud Universal offering incorporates onprem traditional vRealize suite and the SaaS bundle of services into a single offering.

VMware brings this unique approach of having both an onprem offering and a mirrored SaaS offering.  This is flexibility at it’s finest. 

Why this bundle?

VMware has a lot of customers with massive onprem datacenters investments that are not going away anytime soon.  As a result customers are unable to perform an overnight move to a full SaaS managed model.  Cloud Universal allows them to move to the cloud at their own pace at the same pace that their business initiatives move them to the cloud.

Introduction to this hybrid subscription model with Cloud Universal

For the customer on a multi-year journey to the cloud this single licensing model will be helpful during their transition.  The benefit here is let’s say 80% of your workload is onprem and 20% in the cloud.  Day 1, you’re able to support both environments but what happens on day 100 when it is now a 60-40 split?  You can move the licensing around to accommodate the changes with ease and not have to buy additional licensing.

Above you’ll find all the different products bundled into this new suite.  The key is the standard, advanced and enterprise editions of Cloud Universal.

As part of this service is Skyline 2.0 proactive support and the support is built in.

Take findings from skyline and feed into vROPs – improve troubleshooting leveraging vROPs.  This is in addition to all the other great features f vROPs. 

VMware is evolving their vRealize suite to truly answer any customers challenge.  The flexibility to move as your workloads move is a great first step.  As vRealize suite continues to evolve it is becoming the single plane management interface for the majority of your workloads onprem or in the cloud.  I for one am excited to see future releases of the new Cloud Universal suite.  As always, I hope y’all found this useful.

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