VMware vRealize Network Insight (vRNI) VMworld 2020 Announcements

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In an effort to continue to give you deeper visibility into your environment, vRNI has some great updates being released at VMworld.  vRNI has always been a great end to end tool but now with assurance and verification giving you the ability to perform intent verification, with network wide visibility, and proactive operations based on desired business outcomes is a real game changer for vRNI.

Other VMworld 2020 announcements:

For a quick refresh/overview of what vRNI is.

vRNI broad end to end visibility into your entire eco-system.  You have to ability to add virtual, cloud, and physical plug-ins for true visibility into your environments.

vRNI is an agentless solution.

vRNI looks at information coming in from data sources and correlates that data into an easy to view format including mapping dependencies for your workloads/virtual machines/physical gear.

Had to toss in a brief partner slide to show just some of the integration partners vRNI supports today.

Here are all the upcoming releases packaged into vRNI. 

Discovery application boundaries and then whole sale lift and shift into cloud or newer architectures adopted onprem.

The vRNI team worked with HCX team to make bulk migrations seamless.

vROPs + vRNI now equals a rich source of information into your environment.

Single plane use case to look at all applications.

Link and launch from one to the other.

In today’s large complex networks and the multiple teams to manage them can be a challenge to ensure network is secure. 

Formal verification is a continual running mathematical algorithm to see if the system is running as expected.  This now brings mathematical analysis to the network much line the formal verification method is used at Intel, major airlines, and even NASA before they send a rover to Mars.

Unlike normal network monitoring tools that are looking at ongoing network flows.  Assurance & verification is leveraging math to foretell what could happen in network.

Build a digital twin to analyze everything that could happen.

Intent is better defined as a high level goal of what you want to achieve in your network – what do you want to happen end to end.  Are you achieving what you desire to achieve in your environment.

As you can see from above the new assurance and verification offering from vRNI gives you true end to end visibility while ensuring your business intent rules remain intact.

As you can see vRNI is a great tool that is getting richer with features every year.  With assurance and verification being added to the mix, it is allowing vRNI to be a great network tool for any environment.  With the hooks into vROPs allowing for a rich information repository to better help make decisions about your environment.  If you like what you hear then kicking the tires of this solution and comparing against your existing network tools might make for a nice pilot.  As always, I hope y’all found this helpful.


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